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Loading My Diaper

Today I’ve been shopping with two of my regular friends. Neither of them know about my fetish for diapers, so I made sure it was well hidden under my skirt.

I’d done one really big pee in the food court after drinking a large cup of juice, and a few other little pees that I’d let dribble out while we we’re checking out some clothes stores. My diaper had began to feel very wet and droopy, and I figured that I should just hold my pee now rather than risk my diaper leaking. I held my pee for the rest of the afternoon, really enjoying the swishy feeling on my bum every time we sat down. After a few more drinks through out the afternoon, I was pretty desperate to go pee. I contemplated just going in a bathroom stall when my friends went to pee, and dumping the diaper in the trash, but as I had no panties with me, I decided against it, and continued to just hold on.

Once I got home I was about to burst. I talk to you for a minute about what happened and how scared I was that if I’d wet my diaper any more that my friends would have seen pee running down my legs! I show you how wet my diaper is, and you see that it’s completely soaked, even all the way up my back! I get on to my bed and pull the bottom of my little black dress up, so you get the perfect view of my diaper.

Opening my legs, I relax and let go of the pee that I’d spent so long holding on to. It gushes out fast and you can hear it clearly splashing in to the diaper before it’s absorbed. I pee so much that as I expected, the diaper can’t possibly hold it and I start to leak badly. You can see the diaper changing color as it absorbs as much as it can and then my pee pee just flowing out of the leg bands and making a big puddle on my bed! I stand up and even though I’ve stopped peeing, the pee still continues to run down the back of my legs from my over flowing diaper. I tell you how embarrassed I would have been if I had of risked doing this pee in my diaper while I was out, and had been stood in front of my friends and hundreds of other people like this! Even though this is a very embarrassing thought, it still makes my pussy tingle a little. I rub gently between my legs, my fingers sinking in to the soggy diaper hanging low between my thighs. I realize how wet I’m making my bed, as every time I move, a little more pee seems to be forced out of my diaper. Getting up, I go over to my closet and pull a fresh diaper out of the pack. I start to undo the tapes on my wet diaper, and can feel even before they’re all undone how heavy it is. I hold my diaper up for you too look at, its super yellow with pee pees and the weight of it makes all the inside of the diaper drop down to the bottom of it, making a big pile of soggy mess.

I unfold my diaper and lay it out on the bed. I don’t know why but even after all these years, there is still something about seeing an unfolded diaper laid out that gives me butterflies in my tummy. I show you how wet my bare bottom is before using wipes to clean myself up, and take the smell of pee away. Then laying down on top of the diaper, I powder myself and tape it tightly around me. As I show off my new diaper to you,

 My pussy is so wet and slippery that my fingers keep slipping off! I then fuck myself, I can feel the orgasm building, I fuck harder and harder with two fingers until I burst in to an orgasm! Mmmmmmm it was so so nice. Even writing this now is making me want to get in to bed, think about what I did, and fuck myself all over again!

Once my body has stopped trembling, I tell you how I better change.  I get a second clean diaper, and take off my smelly dirty one. You watch as I change my diaper, and wonder how it’s possible for a girl who looks so good, to actually be so naughty :P It’s a pretty big clean up, but finally my bottom is all nice and clean again. I powder and re diaper myself , then fold up my dirty diaper, and take it over to the garbage bin. I show you how full and over flowing it is, with wet diapers from the past few days!

Feeling sleepy after all that fun, I lay out across my bed to relax and think about what a dirty girl I am!

This made me almost cum!

Great story


Penny has become an awfully good dom regardless of the situation or poor sub.


Step-son Learns to Keep It In His Pants
Penny hears some rumors about her step-son, Sam and his girlfriend that convince her she needs to teach him a lesson about knowing when to keep it in is pants. Penny decides to revoke his bathroom privileges until further notice! She explains that he will not be getting his little penis out with permission and supervision, including when he needs to pee! With his bathroom permanently locked, Sam will only be allowed to wet his pants or beg his step-m0m diaper him. When he stubbornly refuses to pee his pants for her amusement Penny forces him to cum in his pants and again in a diaper! She leaves him tied up in his cummy diaper to wriggle in a futile attempt to avoid wetting himself.
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